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Crystal Name Letters

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You will need:

Pipe cleaners
Fishing line {twine or yarn will work too}
Pencils or wooden skewers
Glasses or plastic container {one for each color}
A container large enough to hold your name {if doing your name as a single piece written in cursive}
Food Coloring {optional, if you want colored letters you can dye the borax solution or use colored pipe cleaners}
Liquid measuring cup

Shaping the Names

1. Take white pipe cleaners and use them to form the letters of the name you wish to make (the name must be able to fit into the container without touching any sides).

2. Once formed use fishing line to suspend each letter a few inches from wooden skewers.

3. Boil the kettle.

4. Set out your containers/cups for each letter that you want to make.

5. Use 3 table spoons of borax per cup of hot water. Mix until the borax is dissolved. If you want different coloured letters add a few drops of food colouring to each cup.

6. Lower each letter into the colour of choice.

7. Next is the hardest part, waiting! Place the containers on a shelf and let them sit overnight where they won’t be disturbed by curious hands.

8. Check each letter by lifting out the pipe cleaner from the solutions to see if the crystals have formed.

9. Once you are happy with your crystals, remove them from the solution and hang them anywhere in your house to enjoy

The Science Behind It.

When borax is dissolved in water a suspension is created. A suspension is a mixture that has solid particles {the borax} that are large enough for sedimentation {settling out}. As the borax begins to settle, it starts to crystalize on all the surfaces it comes in contact with – including the pipe cleaner letters. As the borax continues to settle out, it builds crystals on top of other borax crystals creating a thick layer.