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Edible Sensory Play Balls

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Feel it, Squish it, Smell it and Taste it.

You’ll love how truly multi-sensory this edible play activity is and how easy it is to set up. All you’ll need to remember is to prepare it the day before, it all needs time to set before the fun play and tasting begins.

The Set Up to Make Edible Sensory Play Balls
Simply mix up the jelly according to the pack’s instructions and add it to your ice ball moulds. (If the weather is very warm or you have your heating on I’d recommend using a little less water than the packet says, so the balls will hold their shape better in the heat.)&

Use ice ball moulds in two different sizes to add variety to the sensory activity. Also, pour some jelly into cereal bowls to make large semi-spheres too.

Once the jelly is set simply empty the ice ball moulds out on to a large tray and let the sensory play begin.&
You’ll love how kids of all ages won’t be able to resist getting really hands on with these edible sensory play balls!
They can enjoy swirling the edible sensory material around and around and seeing the colours change as they blend together.

They’ll enjoy popping a little jelly ball into their mouth and having a taste too!&

Supplies To Make Edible Sensory Play Balls

Jelly (various colours)
Ice Ball Makers US / UK
Large tray or tub
Bowls (optional)