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How to make a pop up card

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Wanting to make a card for a loved one, follow the simple steps below.

Things you will need:

li2x Cards (Colour is your preference.)

style=”text-align: center;”img alt=”” src=”ortals/0/xBlog/uploads/2017/7/26opUpCard_01.png” style=”width: 350px; height: 288px;” /


• Start with a plain card and fold it in half.
• Cut parallel lines (in pairs of the same length) into the middle fold as shown in the picture.
• The cuts should be made half the length of the card (if not done right they’ll stand out when you close it)
• Push the flaps forward until your card looks like in the bottom picture.

• Now start making the bits and pieces to display in your card.
• In this exle, there is balloons and a Good Luck sign.
• Glue these cut outs onto the front (not the top) part of the folded out flaps.
• Now when you close your card it’ll look the same as the below image
• Take the 2nd card and glue it on to cover the outside.