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How to Make Paper Roll Animals

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Looking for an activity to do with your kids on a rainy day or very hot summer day?

Try creating Paper Roll Animals, all you need are the following:

• Scissors
• Paint
• Google Eyes
• Hot Glue
• Paper Rolls
• Brown Pipe Cleaner

Depending on their ages you might need to do the cutting and assembling of the Paper Roll Animals.

Lion Family:

Cut the below pieces out of cardboard, the mane is a piece of cereal box cardboard.
The faces of the lion cub and the mother lion are cut out of a cereal box.
Below is an exle of how the legs were cut out, you can cut them however you wish to do it.


After painting the elephant’s ears, fold them to create a tab for the glue.


With the brown pipe cleaner, glue it onto the back of the money to give it a tail.

These are the pieces I cut for the alligator. &You’ll need a paper towel roll for this one.

In the meantime, have the little kiddies paint the body of the alligator if need be you might need to paint the teeth white.

If you must you might need to cut the legs down a little shorter when you assemble the alligator.

Optional you can glue spikes on its back.

Assemble all the Paper Roll Animals and start playing