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LEGO Camping Lantern

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LEGO Bricks and Small Base (Optional you can try to get the LEGO Creator Small Cottage 3 in 1 set)

Things you will need:

• Electronic Tea Light
• White Parchment Paper
• Yarn or Twine

LEGO Cing Lantern Directions
Build your house; You can follow the steps given for the Lego Creator small cottage set, especially the roof.
This set allows the walls to hinge open, which is handy for when you want to turn the lantern on and off.
Keep it to four regular walls. You just need a basic house with a sturdy roof and doors or windows on all sides.
You can use the bricks you have if you don’t wish to purchase the same set.

Trim your parchment; Cut a rectangle of parchment that will fit inside your house.

Add light and string.
Remove the roof of your house, insert the parchment paper to line the walls.
Switch on the tea light, set it in the center of the house.
Cut a length of yarn or twine to use as your handle and lay it across the top of the walls.
Put it all together; Replace the roof of your house and press everything tightly into place. Tie your handle with a tight knot and you are all done!