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Summer Water Games

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Looking forward to sometime in the sun, how about try some Water Games for this Summer.

• Jump Water – Run a stream from a garden hose back and forth like a snake under your child’s feet, allowing him to jump over it. With more kids, turn it into a competition: Whoever’s feet don’t get drenched wins!
• Liquid Limbo – Use the stream from a water hose as the stick for a high-stakes game of limbo.
• Ball Blast – Use ropes to create a circle or square on your lawn. Place balls of varying sizes and weights inside. Give your child a hose and challenge her to push the balls out with the water in less than a minute.
• Water Gun Tag – This clever twist on a classic is pretty self-explanatory: Have everyone don bathing suits and play tag. Whoever is &;quot;It&;quot; gets the water gun and tries to tag the other players with a cold squirt!
• Freeze! – Place plastic bugs, toy cars or other small treasures in your cube tray, add water and freeze. Then hand a piece of ice to your child (age 3 and up) and have her melt it in her hands until the prize emerges.
• Pool Ping Pong – Float an inner tube in the center of the pool, then toss a bunch of ping-pong balls in the water. Kids who know how to swim unassisted can jump in, retrieve the balls, and try to toss them in the tube.
• Spray of light – Little kids can help you garden by watering plants with a spray bottle; give bigger guys the whole hose (and expect them to get wet!). If it’s a sunny day, show them how they can spot a rainbow in the mist.

It can become a family activity or an activity for your child and their friends. Join in some water games.