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Paw Patrol

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Join Ryder and his pack of rescue dogs known as Paw Patrol on an adventure to protect the Shoreside community of Adventure Bay

Paw Patrol Rescue Dogs:

• Chase &;ndash; German Shepherd police pup, can herd traffic, block off dangerous roads and solve any mystery.
• Marshall &;ndash; Dalmatian fire dog pup, brave, excitable, all action and ready to roll.
• Rubble &;ndash; Construction Bulldog, tough, a heart of gold, and eager to help.
• Rocky &;ndash; Mixed breed recycling pup, recycles trash and can usually find the right thing to solve a problem.
• Zuma &;ndash; Labrador water rescue pup, water loving, playful, happy and energetic beach puppy.
• Skye &;ndash; Cockapoo puppy, she is a fearless daredevil, smart, loyal.

Paw Patrol themed toys come with a variety of gadgets to assist your child in broadening their imagination.

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